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We have rental properties in Wilmington and have used Sano Steam Tile Cleaning several times. They are prompt, courteous, helpful and best of all do a GREAT JOB! They are very good at following up with their clients and guaranteeing satisfaction! ...

Rhonda Schwarz, SRS of Ham-N-Stead



What can you expect with Sano Steam ..


This is Why ..

Certified Technicians:

Our technicians are our greatest asset. They are motivated by the result of their work and happy Wilmington customers.

The Butler System:

Our State-of-the-Art Fleet of Hot, Deep Extractors, Truck-Mounted system is the best in the industry. Our method will deep clean your tile without agitating or scratching the fiber. Healthier, Cleaner, & HEPA (beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers).

Zero Residue:

Our special blend pre-conditioner not only emulsifies the dirt, but it will completely rinse during the hot, pure water extraction. This will not only leave a cleaner grout but it will also help in keeping it clean.

Cleaner Tile:

Our Wilmington customers enjoy cleaner tile. This is because of our secret to emulsifiers, pre-conditioner blend, and final rinse and extraction cycle.

Here is How

Only a hose and quiet wand enter your home powered by a state-of-the-art, truck-mounted system. Our exclusive pre-conditioner treats all your grout and tile preparing dirt for the hot deep high presser wash and extraction. If you are not proud of your tile's appearance and need grout cleaning, call Sano Steam. Try our tile & grout cleaning service--comes with no surprises or hidden charges and a risk-free guarantee. Our rates are reasonable--we can actually clean kitchen tile with standard pre-conditioner for under $1.00/sf. 

About us:
You might have seen us, we have probably taken care of some of your neighbors carpets, Tile and Grout Cleaning, air conditioner system, duct cleaning and sanitization. We have over 6000 customers in our data base all here in the Wilmington area . Every one of them is what we call a preferred client. they all know what to expect when they call Sano Steam. Professional, polite, and effective service every time and thats why they continue to call us again and a gain.  A large part of our business is a reversals from these satisfied customers.   - Douglas E. Sims 

Odor Control Smell Removal: Finding The Source is the key to extract odor. Whether its a dead bird in your chimney or dead mouse in your wall, we have seen it all. You must find and remove the source. We use an ozone generator to attach and break down the remaining molecule in the air and surfaces. Sano Steam also treat using the ultra lo volume Fog to reach beyond the service and mitigate the source. Pet Odor, cat smell, wet dog, Stunk Mitigate and urine odor Our exclusive Enzyme pre-spray breaks down the organic molecule formed from pet oils and urine. Micro-Encapsulation Process seals odor sources, deters urine fecal deposits and attack odors at the source! Estimate in Wilmington NC to Reseal sup floor, ozone and floor replacement is available Free at no charge

Services: Tile Carpet Upholstery Air Vent Duct, Kitchen tile & grout cleaning, Bathroom tiles, Water Extraction Fast Structure drying Mold Removal Cleaning & Restoration Wilmington NC

Area: New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, Wilmington, Hampstead, Wrightsville beach, Carolina Beach, Southport, Sharlotte and Leland North Carolina.

Sano Steam Restoration & Carpet Cleaning, Wilmington NC. (910) 350-0000

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